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ufabet pantip Massimiliano Allegri, an indigenous footballer, Juventus, has no excuse for the defeat of Atalanta to 0-3 before being eliminated by Coppa. Italia goes all the way to the old champion.

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ufabet pantip By former AC trainer Milan analyzes why the defeat of this match is nothing to the team of Bian Konei, unlike the rival team, no matter what kind of play they seem to be on the way, comforting themselves to forget. It goes

“What I can do is let the results float on the air. It doesn’t have to be drama. We have many players just coming back from injury. But pushing more people, “Allegheny complained through the famous news agency of Macaroni Sky Sports Italia.

“It’s just our dark day. Regardless of what we are doing in the wrong way, unlike Atalanta, it looks good, so they deserve to be credited and deserved through the semi-finalists. ”

“Of course we are disappointed to just stop this route. But it would be crazy to think that Juventus must win every match on the field this season. ”

At the same time, Allegheny also mentioned the incident that he had been invited to sit in the amphitheater UFABET after being upset that the committee was greatly affected by being hit by Atalanta 2 goals in 2 minutes.

“I really do not accept the control of consciousness at that time. For this reason, they did it right to chase me out. “


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